London Vegan Food – August 2016

My first weekend in London as a Vegan was … amazing! So many options we didn’t have enough time to visit them all so we had to limit the places we went. I went with my sister (who’s not Vegan) but she loved (I’m pretty sure..) all the places I dragged her to! She’s the best 😀

1. Redemption

Located in Notting Hill, Redemption is quite a simple looking cosy restaurant but has some nice food to offer. They are alcohol free and completely Vegan so it’s nice having the option of everything on the menu!
We went for dinner on a Friday night and sat at the window seat and someone walks past and my sister jumps out of her seat! I said who was that? “Marcus Butler” she said. I had no idea who this was but apparently he’s a famous YouTuber 😮 I have been educated 😉
Top right: Grilled Aubergine and Tahini @ £8.95 with a side of Baked Sweet Potato and Sumac @ £4.50
Below that (in same pic): Asparagus Black Rice Risotto @ £14.00
Bottom left: Dark chocolate and Cashew mousse @ £6.00 (This was gooood!)
They also have another restaurant in Shoreditch.



NAMA, also based in Notting Hill, has a clean modern beach feeling to the interior. NAMA is a raw Vegan restaurant offering breakfast, lunch and dinner. They have a good size ground floor area, an underground level and a few tables at the front outside. Service was very good here. We visited for brunch in which the menu had a good variety.
Top right: Breakfast wrap @ £9.50
Bottom right: Full English @ £11.50

3. Cookies and Scream

As it says on the tin! If you’re looking for a sugar rush then this is the place. They have a good variety of cakes, cookes, ice cream, shakes, etc. And good location in Camden Market. It was £3.50 for an Ice Scream cookie sandwich which was 2 cookies and ice scream or £2 for 1 cookie … so it made sense to get a Ice Scream cookie sandwich!
Ice Scream cookie sandwiches @ £3.50

4. Govinda’s Pure Vegetarian Restuarant

We bumped into this place whilst walking through SOHO. It looks simple from the outside but the food is really good! We went for the buffet option at approx £11. You get all the same food as a normal meal but its unlimited! They do also serve vegetarian but if you just ask for everything that is Vegan they are more then happy to help.
Buffet @ £11

5. Farmacy

Farmacy was young and modern with a really good menu. It kinda felt like a cafe which the Made in Chelsea people would go for brunch. It does serve vegetarian too but there are plenty of Vegan options too! I hadn’t had pancakes for a while and this was a nice treat.
Pancakes @ £11

6. Ms Cupcake

I had heard of Ms Cupcake before and have had their cupcakes from their stall at the Veg Fest UK 2016 in Bristol so I knew that their cakes were going to be awesome! It may be hard to tell from the picture above, but the chocolate frosting on the cupcake was the size of the cake itself! So many cupcake options and other cake things too!
Chocolate cupcake @ £2.60 / £3 (I can’t remember!)